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About Quanta Medical

Quanta médical

To support the execution of your research projects, QUANTA MEDICAL has brought together a bespoke, multidisciplinary team to construct your clinical study on a medicinal product, dermo-cosmetic or medical device with you.

Time and recruitment issues are cost-effective in Georgia due to a solid network of doctors and surgeons trained in Europe and in the United States to run interventional and/or non-interventional clinical studies.

The technical, innovative IT department is developing an electronic CRF and functional CTMS application which is secure and validated according to GAMP5 methodology in order to be compliant with 21 CFR part 11, GDPR and all applicable regulations. From the first version 1.000 in 1998 to version 5.100 in 2019 …
a revolution in functionalities !

Quality under cover of dual ISO certification is the “active ingredient” of QM and of its genetic code. Observing this methodology guides thinking, fashions the work processes and acts as a framework to run projects.

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The in-house expertise is broadened further based on a network consisting of ad hoc expert consultants (methodologists, former HAS (French National Health System) members and medical specialists-experts etc.) in order to grade the strategic approach to projects given to us. This network is enriched by the knowledge of key legal authority players with improved listening which optimises examination periods by the statutory authorities.

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Our experienced and reliable process managers combine expertise and sector-specific skills to provide solutions tailored to your projects.

Quanta Medical Structure: 37 co-workers (35 CDI) - Call center, IT, Monitoring, DE & Data-Management and statistics


QDATA, our operational subsidiary, has supported us since 1994 in technical, innovative development of informatics applications for health and for added value clinical data management activities.

Our Madagascan subsidiary groups are all experienced, stable and come from the best Madagascan engineering schools. Our IT engineers and statisticians are fluent in French and also have a high level of English.

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